0077 Kulis (Coolies)

Catalog#: Stonehill0077
Title: Kulis (Coolies)


Information: The content of this song, performed here by Diana Blumenfeld, speak to the ghetto experience. Trams stopped running, so Jews served as slaves. This song, by Sh. Sheynkinder with music composed by Goldberg, is about enslavement and forced labor. Blumenfeld sang this in the Warsaw, and it is about how Chinese were enslaved and draws parallels with Jewish Coolies, who were forced to pull rickshaws like beasts of burden. For more details see the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website Gilbert, S., 2005. Music in the Holocaust: Confronting Life in the Nazi Ghettos and Camps, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Katsherginski, S. & Leivick, H. eds., Lider fun di Getos un Lagern, New York: Alveltlekher Yidisher Kultur-Kongres (information by Miriam Isaacs).


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